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 +====== About iTop ======
 +==== What you can do with iTop ====
 +    * **Document your IT infrastructure** and all the relationships between the various pieces and stakeholders of the infrastructure (servers, applications,​ network devices, virtual machines, contacts, locations…)
 +    * **Manage** incidents, user requests, planned outages…
 +    * **Document IT services** and contracts with external providers including service level agreements
 +    * **Export** all the information in a manual or scripted manner
 +    * **Mass import** (manually and using scripts) or synchronize/​federate any data from external systems
 +==== For different User profiles ====
 +iTop can be used by different types of users:
 +    * Help Desk agents
 +    * Support engineers (1st level, 2nd level…)
 +    * Service managers
 +    * IT managers
 +    * End-users: a simplified "​portal"​ interface is available to let them submit their requests directly.
 +==== On various Operating Systems ====
 +iTop relies on Apache/IIS, MySQL and PHP, so it can run on whatever operating system that supports these applications. It has been tested on Windows, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu and Redhat). ​
 +==== On any Web client ====
 +  * iTop is a Web based application.
 +  * You don’t need to deploy any client software on each user’s PC. A simple web browser is enough (IE 10+, Firefox, Chrome or Safari 5+).
 +  * It runs also on Solaris and MacOS X. 
 +To find out what to do next in iTop, please read [[2_6_0:​gettingstarted|Getting started with iTop]].