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 +====== Managing Organizations ======
 +Organizations are used to define the boundaries which are the basis of the access restriction policies. Most of the objects managed in iTop have a field "​Organization"​. This field generally represents the organization "​owning"​ the object (for example for configuration items like Servers, PCs, Racks...). Organizations are also used in Service Management, in this case the "​owner"​ of a service is the "​provider"​ of this service, whereas the "​owner"​ of a contract is generally the customer "​buying"​ services through this contract.
 +Organizations can be organized in a parent/​child hierarchy, in which case iTop behaves as if the parent organization was also "​owning"​ the objects owned by all its child organizations.
 +Only administrators and configuration managers can add, modify or remove organizations.
 +To add an organization click on “Organizations” in the “Data Administration” module then click on the “New…” button.
 +{{:​2_6_0:​admin:​organizations-list.jpg|List of all Organizations}}
 +The form to create an organization contains:
 +  * the name of the organization. It is the label that will be displayed in the lists,
 +  * a code,
 +  * a status,
 +  * a parent organization,​ it can be left undefined if you do not need to create a hierarchy
 +  * the [[2_6_0:​datamodel:​itop-service-mgmt#​delivery_model|Delivery Model]] for this Organization
 +{{:​2_6_0:​admin:​new-organization.png?​500|New Organization form}}
 +You can later modify the attributes of a given organization by clicking on “Modify” action.