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 +====== Running Object Queries ======
 +iTop uses its own internal query language to retrieve the objects from the database. Inside the MySQL database the objects manipulated by iTop are stored using several relational tables, but the **Object Query Language** (OQL) hides this complexity by manipulating objects almost as if they were plain SQL tables.
 +The **OQL** syntax is quite similar to the SQL syntax, except that there is no need to indicate which columns to retrieve, since iTop always manipulates "​objects"​ and retrieves the columns as necessary.
 +The menu “Run Queries” allows Administrators to test and run **OQL** queries (For more information about the **OQL** syntax, refer to [[2_6_0:​oql:​start|Object Query Language Reference]]). ​
 +Some predefined queries are listed as examples at the top of the page (click on “Query Examples” at the top).
 +{{:​2_6_0:​admin:​run-queries.jpg|Run Queries}}
 +To test a query, type the **OQL** expression in the text area, and click on “Evaluate” to get the results.
 +<​note>​Since the result of the query is displayed as an HTML table, only objects that can be displayed as HTML can be queried by this method. The display of a list of internal iTop objects may cause an error when queried this way.</​note>​