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 +====== iTop Administrator'​s Guide ======
 +==== Intended Audience ====
 +This document is targeted towards system administrators in charge of configuring and operating the iTop application.
 +For the basic usage of the application,​ from the end-user point of view, refer to the [[2_6_0:​user:​start|iTop User Manual]].
 +==== Prerequisites ====
 +This document assumes that you have at least a basic knowledge about MySQL or the **SQL language** in general.
 +===== Day to day administration of iTop =====
 +A few pages which can be useful:
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​Managing organizations|Managing Organizations]]:​ During [[2_6_0:​implementation:​start|Implementation]],​ you have defined the tree structure of organizations for your iTop. Later you may need to add or modify some organizations.
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​Cron|Scheduling background tasks]]: This should have been set during [[2_6_0:​install:​start#​install_your_itop|iTop installation]]
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​performance|Tuning iTop Performance]]:​ if you encounter such issue, that could help.
 +  * [[2_6_0:​oql:​start|Object Query Langage]]: for reference
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​rich_text_limitations|HTML formatting limitations]]:​ what HTML syntax is supported within iTop ''​Notes''​ documents and ''​Template HTML''​ fields, ''​Ticket'​s Description''​ and ''​AttributeCaseLog''​ fields
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​rgpd|Managing Personal Data]]: some tips to help you complying to RGPD
 +===== Admin Tools Menu =====
 +This part explains all the actions available on the ''​Admin Tools''​ menu:
 +<note tip>​**New in 2.5**: those menus which used to be limited to users with ''​Administrator''​ profil only, can now be [[2_6_0:​customization:​delegate_rights|delegated]] to other users.</​note>​
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​managing_user_accounts|User Accounts & Profiles]]: What are the possible profiles? What do they mean? How to create a user account? ... [[2_6_0:​admin:​forgot_password|User forgets its password?]]
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​notifications|Notifications]]:​ Based on trigger, emails are sent automatically. Define those triggers and the email templates. See this [[2_6_0:​admin:​notifications-step-by-step|step by step example]].
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​audit|Auditing the CMDB]]: Define audit rules, using [[2_6_0:​oql:​start|OQL]],​ to control the completeness of the data stored in iTop.
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​objects_queries|Run Object Queries]]: Get a set of objects compliant with some criteria.
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​phrasebook|Query Phrasebook]]:​ Prepare your [[2_6_0:​oql:​start|OQL]] queries and saved them for re-use.
 +  * [[2_6_0:​advancedtopics:​exportdata|Export]]:​ Command line interface which can be used within a script. There is an [[2_6_0:​user:​lists#​csv_export|interactive version]] and a [[2_6_0:​advancedtopics:​exportdata_v1|CLI legacy version]] since iTop 2.2.x
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​browsing_the_data_model|Browsing the Data Model]]: Not sure about the internal name of an object field, while writing an [[2_6_0:​oql:​start|OQL]],​ check here.
 +  * Universal Search: Allow to search for any iTop objects even if no menu exist for them.
 +  * [[2_6_0:​advancedtopics:​data_synchronization|Synchronize Data Sources]]: Allow to align iTop objects to an external data source. If you are not familiar with this, check the [[2_6_0:​advancedtopics:​data_synchro_overview|Overview]] first.
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​Backup|Data Backup]]: Backup your database in a zip file, on demand or on schedule (requires [[2_6_0:​admin:​Cron|Background tasks]] to be set).
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​configuration_editor|Configuration Editor]]: allow to change any configuration parameter on the fly. See the details of [[2_6_0:​admin:​itop_configuration_file|all configuration parameters]] and their usage. Examples of possible actions based on parameters: [[2_6_0:​admin:​settings|Setting iTop in read-only]] and [[2_6_0:​admin:​locking|Preventing concurrent modifications]]