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 +====== iTop Community Wiki ======
 +Welcome to the iTop Community documentation wiki!
 +|  :-P :-P :-P  **[[2_6_0:​release:​2_6_whats_new|What'​s new in the 2.6 version]]** :-P :-P :-P  |
 +===== Structure of this documentation =====
 +In order to make navigation easier, the documentation has been split into books:
 +  * The [[2_6_0:​user:​start|End User Manual]] explains all you need to know to use the application,​ independently of the installed data model
 +  * The [[2_6_0:​portal:​portal_v2|Portal Manual]] is for customers who access iTop through its "​portal"​ user interface
 +  * The [[2_6_0:​datamodel:​start|iTop Data Model]] explains the different objects managed in iTop, their role and relationships
 +  * The [[2_6_0:​admin:​start|Administrator'​s Guide]] explains how administrate iTop on a day-to-day basis.
 +  * [[2_6_0:​install:​start|Install / Upgrade iTop]] explains how to install and upgrade iTop.
 +  * [[2_6_0:​advancedtopics:​start|Integrate iTop]] explains how to integrate iTop with other applications,​ .
 +  * [[2_6_0:​customization:​start|Customize iTop]] explains how to customize iTop, 
 +    * by adding one of the [[:​extensions:​start|existing extensions]]
 +    * by writting your own extension module. Don't hesitate to use existing extension as example for writing your own extension.
 +  * [[2_6_0:​implementation:​start|Implementation Guide]] explains what data should be loaded after installation,​ to make iTop usable.
 +  * [[2_6_0:​admin:​rgpd|Managing Personal Data]]: some tips to help you complying to RGPD
 +==== Next steps ====
 +  * To discover **what can you do with iTop**: [[2_6_0:​about|About iTop]].
 +  * To **test iTop for real** in your environment:​ [[2_6_0:​gettingstarted|Getting started with iTop]].
 +  * To contribute to iTop project: [[2_6_0:​customization:​translation]]