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 +====== Connecting to iTop ======
 +=== Log in screen ===
 + The first screen displayed by iTop is the login screen, //Welcome to iTop//.
 +Each iTop user must be identified before accessing the application.
 +Enter your **User Name** and **Password** given by your administrator,​ and click on //**Enter iTop**//.
 +{{ :​2_6_0:​user:​login_form.png?​300 |iTop Login Form}}
 +<note tip>
 +Your username is normally not case sensitive, but your password must be typed exactly as given by your administrator.
 +=== First connection to iTop ===
 +The first time you connect to iTop, the following welcome dialog is displayed:
 +{{ :​2_6_0:​user:​welcome-popup.png?​650 |Welcome Dialog}}
 +To skip this dialog and go straight to the main screen of the application the next time you connect to iTop, uncheck **Display this message at startup**, before clicking on the **Ok** button to close the dialog.
 +<- start|Overview ^ start|User Manual ^ main|The Main Screen ->