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 +====== iTop User's Manual ======
 +This documentation explains how to:
 +  - Navigate around iTop
 +  - Perform basics tasks such as searching for objects, creating or modifying objects
 +  - Customize the iTop user interface (lists, shortcuts, dashboards).
 +Even though the types of objects managed in iTop depend on the modules installed during setup, the general principles described in this document do not vary.
 +Depending on your //user account//, some features can be disabled. This is because user rights depend on the type of objects concerned by the feature and the profiles given to your //user account//. Please contact your admnistrator to manage your rights.
 +For more explanation about which objects are managed in iTop and their meaning, please refer to the [[2_6_0:​datamodel:​start|Data Model Documentation]]
 +<- ^ start|User Manual ^ connecting|Connecting to iTop ->