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-====== Mobile Access via Smartphone or Tablet ====== 
-There is an Android App available for accessing parts of an iTop instance on any Android-Based device, in particular smartphones and tablets, and monitoring any information in iTop. It allows for the following 
-===== Features ===== 
-==== Ticketing ==== 
-  * Access to open and unassigned Incident tickets 
-  * Access to open and unassigned Service Request (Helpdesk) tickets 
-  * Access to tickets assigned to the person using the App 
-  * Display priority and SLA escalation (if applicable) 
-==== Service Delivery Monitoring (SDM) ==== 
-  * configure upper and lower limits for any Query in the phrasebook 
-  * Notification (configurable) when these limits are exceeded 
-  * Notification (configurable) for certain tickets (new e.g. Prio 3 incident) 
-=== Examples for SDM === 
-  * Vibrate phone of Problem Manager when more than ten Incidents have been cloesd with "​cannot reproduce"​ within the last two days 
-  * Inform Management when an approved Change Request will potentially impact (another) business process withing the next 30 days 
-  * Notify Service Manager when (another) underpinning contract will terminate withing next 60 days 
-==== Search ==== 
-  * simple search for Functional CIs and Person CIs 
-  * display Query phrasebook contents 
-  * display all Query phrasebook results ​ 
-===== How to install on device ===== 
-The App has been written by Combodo'​s Partner [[http://​​itop|ITOMIG]] and is not part of iTop itself. It is available in German language via the [[https://​​store/​apps/​details?​id=de.itomig.itopenterprise|Android Market]] (including some screenshots) as a test version with access to Combodo'​s and ITOMIG'​s iTop instances. An unlimited version that allows access to any iTop instance is also available via Market, or free of charge for all of ITOMIG'​s iTop support customers. 
-If you need additional features or would like a translated version, please feel free to ask.  
-The app has been tested on various devices, including the Motorola Atrix (Android 2.2 and 2.3) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android 3.2). 
-===== Server Prerequisites ===== 
-Your iTop instance needs to support URL authentication. How to do so is explained in the respective PDF document on the [[Main Page]] (how to set up authentication). Essentially,​ you need to modify the with the allowed_login_types to also contain 
-<​nowiki> ​     '​allowed_login_types'​ => '​url|form|basic'</​nowiki>​ 
-It is highly recommended that you enable SSL support for your server (the App supports SSL-based access). 
-===== Caveats ===== 
-The app polls the server for tickets every n seconds, in an interval configurable in the app itself. The amount of data traffic generated depends on your number of tickets as well as the polling interval, although a single poll usually only consists of a few kb of data.  
-Please make sure you have a data plan for you mobile device. We recommend an interval of 15 minutes, which should be sufficient for most purposes. 
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