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Hyperlinks configurator

Hyperlinks configurator
Create custom hyperlinks on objects' details, by configuration
Client Store, iTop Hub

Create hyperlink buttons to jump from one object in iTop into another application, via configurable URLs, without writing a single line of code.


  • Hyperlink, label, tooltip and icon are configurable
  • The scope option makes it possible to display the hyperlink only on objects matching a specific rule
  • The target of the link is configurable as well (by default _blank to open the link in another tab/window)
  • The contexts option specifies if the link is available in the backoffice (console) and/or in the portal(s) (and in which portal if there are several of them).
  • The action/button can be limited to users having at least one of the allowed_profiles.

Revision History

Version Release Date Comments
1.0.2 2019-03-19 Add it on Portal objects with scope
Add “allowed_profiles” parameter
1.0.1 2019-03-15 Addition of the “tooltip” and “contexts” parameters
1.0.0 2019-02-07 First version


  • Button labels cannot be localized (they are not dictionary entries)


iTop 2.3.0 or newer


Deploy it via iTop Hub or ITSM Designer


For each “link” to be displayed, the following configuration parameters are available:

Parameter Mandatory? Meaning Example
label mandatory if no icon The label of the button/link Wikipedia
url mandatory The hyperlink to jump to$this->first_name$_$this->name$
target optional where to display the url result _blank for a new window default, _top for the current window _blank
scope optional An OQL query to filter on which object to display this link SELECT Contact WHERE org_id = 2
icon optional A Font Awesome 4.7 icon code wikipedia
tooltip optional The label of a tooltip to display on the item. default: no tooltip Jump to Wikipedia
contexts optional If specified, a comma separated list of portals in which to enabled this link. Use backoffice for the iTop console. If not specified, it's available in all contexts backoffice,itop-portal
allowed_profiles optional If specified, a comma separated list of iTop Profiles for which to enable this link. If not specified, all profiles are allowed. Support Agent,Configuration Manager
This extension does not bring very useful links without a proper configuration specific to your environment and needs
'combodo-custom-hyperlinks' => array (
   'hyperlinks' => array (
      'Person' => array (
	 'linkedin_me' => array (
	    'label' => 'Linkedin Me!',
	    'url' => '$this->friendlyname$',
	    'scope' => 'SELECT Contact WHERE org_id_friendlyname=\'demo\'',
	    'icon' => 'linkedin',
      'Location' => array (
	 'maps_me' => array (
	    'label' => 'GoogleMaps Me!',
	    'url' => '$this->address$+$this->postal_code$+$this->city$+$this->country$',
	    'scope' => 'SELECT Location WHERE org_id_friendlyname=\'demo\'',
	    'icon' => 'globe',
You can also display the hyperlink as a button (next to the “Other actions…” menu) by specifying in the configuration parameter 'shortcut_actions' its UID (in the above LinkedIn example the UID is “linkedin_me”)
The icons are displayed using the Font Awesome font (already included in iTop). Therefore the icon codes to use are the Font Awesome 4.7 codes


Just click on the button(s) !

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