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 Link the Notification to the above created Trigger. Link the Notification to the above created Trigger.
 +===== Troubleshooting / Q&A =====
 +**Q: The sub-Menu ''​Expiration rules''​ does not appear under ''​Service Management''​ **\\
 +A: Also the root cause of this issue is not understood yet, there are many possibilities to create Expiration rules without that Menu. 
 +   - Add to one of your Dashboards, a Dashlet Badge on class ''​ExpirationRule'':​ it provides a mean to create a new rule and list existing.
 +   - Use under Menu ''​Admin tools'',​ the sub-menu ''​Run queries'':​ ''​SELECT ExpirationRule''​ it should propose you a link to create a new one.
 +   - Use under Menu ''​Admin tools'',​ the sub-menu ''​Universal Search''​ and search for class ''​ExpirationRule'',​ it will list the existing rules and offer to create one with the ''​New''​ menu
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