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Email Reply

Email Reply
Email reply from ticket log update
2.0 or higher
ticket, case log, email

This pages describes how the extension email-reply add a new trigger to send notification to whatever contacts in order to communicate with them via the ticket case logs (public log or private log).

It is working with whatever type of ticket you are using in iTop

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This extension allow you to define notification to inform contacts (for instance the caller, or the agent) when a case log is updated in a ticket.

This allows support agent to communicate with other contacts directly by updating either the public log or the private log.

This extension is generic enough to work as well with case log you have created in the data model for other elements.

A special trigger Trigger (when log is updated) is defined for when a case log is updated on a ticket, so that an administrator can configure notifications for this event and inform whatever contacts (the caller for instance)


No limitation


No requirement


  1. Download the package: and expand the folder “email-reply” into the “extensions” directory of iTop.
  2. If you have already installed iTop make sure that the configuration file config-itop in conf/production is NOT read-only.
  3. Point your web browser to http(s)://<your_itop_root>/setup and follow the wizard. Make sure that you select the option to “Upgrade an existing iTop instance”:

Finally check the module “Send Ticket Log Update by Email” in the list of extensions at the end of the interactive wizard. Then complete the installation.


Once the new module has been installed, edit the configuration file config-itop.php and look for the two new sections:

        'email-reply' => array (
                'enabled_default' => true,

This section allows you to define if the corresponding trigger is send automatically or if the support agent as to specify it in the ticket log.

See usage section for more information on how to use this extension.

Once you have updated iTop with this new extension, you have to create a trigger and an email action to activate it.

  • 1. Create a trigger Trigger (when log is updated)

The field Target Class defines which class is configured for this trigger.

The field Log attribute code is the case log attribute for which this trigger is defined. By default it is the public_log but it can be replaced by the private_log.

Look at the data model to see which code you can use for each type of ticket.

  • 2. Create an Email action and link it to the previous trigger


How is it used? elaborate…

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