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-====== Installation of an Extension ====== 
-===== Automated Installation ===== 
-<note warning>​Available only with  
-  * **iTop 2.4.1 or above** ​ 
-  * for [[https://​​en_US/​taxons/​all-extensions?​|extensions available on iTop Hub]] 
-The easiest way to install an extension available on iTop Hub, is to: 
-  * [[https://​​page/​first-time-on-itop-hub|register on iTop Hub]], 
-  * then [[itop_hub:​frequently-asked-questions#​how_do_i_register_my_instance_in_the_hub|register your iTop instance]] on the Hub,  
-  * then use the [[itop_hub:​start#​automated_installation|automated installation]] mechanism to deploy extensions on your iTop server. 
-This automated installation **ensure compatibility** between your iTop version and the extension version that you want to deploy 
-===== Manual Installation ===== 
-The steps to follow when installing (or upgrading) an extensions are always the same: 
-==== Copy the Extension code on your iTop server ===== 
-  - **Download** the zip file containing the extension from the wiki extension page and put it on your iTop server. 
-  - **Expand** the content of the zip file into the ''​extensions''​ folder inside iTop. //​**Important**,​ the way to copy the files depend on your version of iTop [[installation#​extracting_the_files_from_the_zip|see Extracting the files from the zip , below]].// 
-  - Make sure that the web server process has enough rights to //read// the newly copied file, directories and subdirectories (on Linux this means that the web server process must be allowed to execute [''​x''​] the directories) 
-==== Run the Setup ==== 
-  - Remove the read-only flag on the iTop configuration file (on Linux make it writable [''​w''​] to the web server process) 
-  - Launch the setup of iTop by pointing your browser to the ''​setup''​ folder of iTop (e.g. ''<​nowiki>​http://​​setup</​nowiki>''​ or ''<​nowiki>​http://​localhost/​itop/​setup</​nowiki>''​) 
-  - When prompted to select the extensions to install, make sure that you select the extension you have just downloaded. 
-===== File structure under folder Extensions ===== 
-<note warning>​The expected layout of the files inside the ''​extensions''​ folder of iTop is different depending on your version of iTop. So make sure that you follow the appropriate procedure</​note>​ 
-==== Extracting the files from the zip ==== 
-=== iTop 2.4.0 and above === 
-Extract the zip file //as it is// inside the ''​extensions''​ folder and proceed with the rest of the procedure. 
-=== iTop before 2.4.0 === 
-For extensions composed of several modules, make sure that you **only** copy the sub-folders of the zip file into your ''​extensions''​ folder of iTop, as shown on the picture below: 
-{{ :​extensions:​extension-copy.png?​nolink |}} 
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