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Datacenter view extended

Datacenter view extended
Position graphically datacenter devices located in your Racks and Enclosures

Advanced management of rackable devices

  • External applications like racktables or rackmonkey are no longer necessary to visualize your data.


On each rack and enclosure, drag & drop your datacenter devices exactly where they are, on the front or the rear panel of the Rack.

  • Supports complex enclosures thanks to a grid system
  • Automatically computes on your racks:
    • Occupancy rates
    • Power usage and remaining capacity
    • Weight usage and remaining capacity
  • Supports devices other than datacenter devices:
    • Reserved slots
    • Devices from Custom classes
    • Zero-U devices
  • Adds Audit rules to identify datacenter devices missing their U size, unmounted, overlapping with another device, …

Online demo

You can try this extension on the online demo. There are already some racks, enclosures and devices mounted as an example. Just click on the links below to access it:

Revision History

Version Release Date Comments
1.7.2 2022-03-29 First Combodo resale version


Compatible with iTop 2.7 and newer.

Downgrade to simple version

If you want to remove the extended version of the extension to only keep the simple version, mind unlinking all elements off the hosts’ (racks and enclosures) rear panel prior to it, otherwise elements from the rear panel will fallback on the front panel, overlapping genuine elements of the front panel.





Some configuration parameters allow to:

  • Specify by class the fields displayed in the hovercard
  • Specify the custom classes which can be position in a Rack/Enclosure

More details...


The extension adds:

  • multiple fields on standard Datacenter devices classes, to specify the physical dimension, position, weight, consumed energy,.. for rackable devices
  • a nice graphical view on each rack, with the enclosures and the datacenter devices position in the rack, position which can be changed with a simple drag & drop of the device.

Questions & Answers

Question: Can I use my own datamodel classes in the graphical view?

Answer: Yes, but your classes will require some specific attributes and methods. Follow this tutorial for detailled information.

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