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-====== TeemIp ====== 
----- dataentry summary ---- 
-name: TeemIp 
-index_hidden : yes 
-version: 2.1.1 
-release_dt: 2016-12-20 
-website_url:​ http://​​ 
-description_wiki:​ Full blown IPAM (IP Address Management) extension for iTop. 
-iTop-versions:​ 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3 
-keyword_tags:​ IP Management, IPAM, IPv4, IPv6 
-dependenciess:​ itop-config-mgmt 
-download_url:​ https://​​projects/​teemip/​files/​teemip%20-%20an%20iTop%20module/​2.1.1/​​download 
-<​related_components>​Other versions of this component:</​related_components>​ 
-<note important>​ 
-Compatibility matrix: 
-  * For iTop 2.3, you must use TeemIp 2.1 
-  * For iTop 2.1 and 2.2, you may use both TeemIp 2.1 or TeemIp 2.0.2 
-  * For iTop versions lower than 2.0.3, you must use TeemIp 2.0.3 
-TeemIp provides to network administrators a simple and powerfull toolset to manage their IPv4 and IPv6 Plans, subnet space and IPs in accordance with best in class IP Management practices: 
-  * Manage multiple customers: TeemIp supports overlapping IP spaces 
-  * Define IP Plans through hierarchical Network Blocks 
-  * Delegate IP blocks from parent to child organizations 
-  * Manage Subnets within predefined Network Blocks 
-  * Attach IP Ranges to Subnets 
-  * Register IPs and get a clear view on the IP space consumption 
-  * Proactively notify administrators on key events 
-Furthermore,​ it enhances iTop's already rich CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base) to document all types of devices that can be connected to an IP network together with their linkage(s) toward the IP space. 
-  * Link your IPs to network devices or systems 
-  * Manage VLANs, DNS Domains, WAN Links, AS Numbers, VRFs… 
-TeemIp is available either as a standalone application or as an extension to iTop 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3. Please, refer to [[https://​​ | TeemIp'​s wiki]] for a comprenhensive description of this extension. 
-===== Installation (as an extension to iTop) ===== 
-  - At the root of the iTop installation path, create (if it does not already exist) a directory named ''​extensions'' ​ 
-  - If iTop is already installed, make sure that the configuration file ''​conf/​production/​config-itop.php''​ is not read-only. 
-  - Download [[https://​​projects/​teemip/​files/​teemip%20-%20an%20iTop%20module/​2.1.1/​​download|]] from SourceForge 
-  - Expand the zip file and copy the content of the ''​web/​extensions''​ directory in the ''​extensions''​ directory of iTop. You should see the following TeemIp directories under extensions/:​ 
-    * teemip-config-mgmt-adaptor 
-    * teemip-endusers-devices-adaptor 
-    * teemip-ip-mgmt 
-    * teemip-ipv6-mgmt 
-    * teemip-network-mgmt 
-    * teemip-profiles-itil-adaptor/​ 
-    * teemip-storage-mgmt-adpator 
-    * teemip-virtualization-mgmt-adaptor 
-  - Launch the iTop setup by pointing your browser to <​nowiki>​http://<​your_itop_root>/​setup</​nowiki>​ and follow the instructions. 
-  - When prompted to pick the extensions to install, select the TeemIp extensions : 
-{{ :​extensions:​teemip-installation-230.png?​direct&​500 |Select IP Management in the extensions list}} 
-<note tip>If IP Management does not appear in the list of extensions (or if the whole extensions step is skipped during the setup), make sure that the web server process has enough rights to read the ''​extensions''​ directory.</​note>​ 
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